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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Season of Mirth, of the Months of Plum and Nectarine

Okay, so it's been cloudy most of the week, but now the sun is back, and it's glorious out there. I just went out front and picked a bunch more lavender (we have a lavender forest in our front yard), and the bees let me know who was in charge--get your damn hands off our goods, Lady!

Yesterday I got this really brilliant idea to actually harvest the lavender this year, so I'm in the process of snipping it and hanging it to dry in the basement. So far I've hung three huge bouquets of the stuff down there, but I'm not anywhere close to done. I'm going to make at least three more bouquets, and then I'm going to pick a bunch more just to have around the house in bowls, like they do in Provence, at least according to my sister. And then when it all dries out, I'm going out and buying a case of those little fake-satin sachels they use at weddings to put birdseed or Hershey's kisses or bubble-stuff in, and I'm going to fill them all with lavender and give one to everyone I know. I was thinking I could start a little business--forget the idea of offering ms. consultations! I will become the sole proprietor of Sleeping Bumble Bees Lavender (yes, they do sleep in it).

Other than that, I've been looking excitedly forward to when I have a free minute to read the latest issues of Mid-American Review, Prairie Schooner, and Lit. MAR has a bunch of cute (but sort of scary) swimming frogs on the cover! PS has a naked woman and some cherry (pear?) blossoms! Very cool with scribbles I can't quite read and a white horse. Lit has a bird singing out all these cool looking beachy bubbles. (Yes, I am judging books by their covers.)

One important item, one writing prompt, and then you can go back to enjoying summer:

1. Whatcom Poetry Series needs your help. It's a super-duper reading series (this fall they will showcase our Poet Laureate Samuel Green, along with Nance Van Winckel and Carolyne Wright), but they are in financial trouble. Send them money right now by writing a check to Whatcom Poetry Series. Any amount is fine, but $250 makes you a Poet Sponsor, and $500 an even better Event Sponsor. Address:

Whatcom Poetry Series
c/o James Bertolino
P.O. Box 28907
Bellingham, WA 98228

Don't be part of the reason yet another cool reading series goes under. Get your check mailed today!


General: Take a well-known riddle's question and write a poem that riffs on the answer.

Specific: Write a poem that answers the question "What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?"

Okay, everyone: back to summer!

1 comment:

Joannie said...

Quick note on the lavender: You can use it to infuse cream (for whipped cream). Then you can whip the cream and use it for shortcakes or pavlova (which I just made for the first time--and now I'm an ardent fan).

I also found an recipe for chicken with lavender and thyme--but my lavender is now mostly done and the recipe is in Italian, so I'm planning ahead for next year.