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Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to the Island

Part 1:
Don't hate me because I'm mobile. Because I have a satchel full of books, lit mags, drafts, ideas for poems about * and ** and ***. Don't hate me when I tell you I took a walk on the beach or into the woods. Or that I spent an hour browsing at the firemen's thrift shop. It's only for three nights, and then I am back to the usual grind.

Part 2:
I just want to say thanks to Edmonds Bookshop, David Horowitz, Joannie Kervan Stangeland, and Jack McCarthy, and all the lovely audience members for a wonderful evening of poetry last night. It was one of those rare nights when words and reactions to them are perfectly matched. I am still high off it, even if I did get a $124.00 ticket for supposedly running a stop sign as I headed back up 5th Street (don't worry: I plan to contest it).

Have a great weekend, everyone.


seanag said...

I don't think any of us could hate you, Martha, or begrudge you a few days of happiness in your own vocation.

I do hope you get that money back, but if that's the gods' price for all that, it would still be worth it.

Martha Silano said...

You know, I was thinking about the $124, and it was a "go-figure"s moment b/c I'd just made deal to help a woman with her mss. ($100) and netted $18 selling three of my books . . . so I'm *really* only down $6, right? But that means I have to edit a mss. for the city of Edmonds. And I didn't even run the stop sign, excuse me.

seanag said...

Even is good.

Sorry about the lag time. I somehow failed to check the follow up comments box.