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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolving to Resolve

My firmness of intent is most firm. 

Sweeping the crumbs of my infirmities into my back pocket, I'm determined to follow a plan. 

Be it a progression from dissonance to cacophony. 

Be it a formal declaration of my reconfiguration. 

Be it settled.

From this day forward, more unfastening, more angles (and more angels), more and more resolution.

Starting in about 16 hours, more abandon, more baggage--an excess of the barely luggable.

Coming to a theatre near you, an outrageous incongruity.

In 2009 I will probably bite my nails even more.

In 2009 an imposition of risk.  

In 2009 I will find the OED that's been packed in a box in our basement since April 2004.

In 2009 I will make the most attainable suggestions.

In 2009 I will work on the next five poems.

In 2009 my voice from within me will tell my voice from within me that it's within me to be tremendously striving.

In 2009, endpoints.

In 2009, time frames.

In 2009, failure gets a time-out; endeavor gets a playdate and a pajama party. 

It's 2009.  StarSong and Pinkey Pie take to the skies, their sparkly manes festooned with sparkly hair ties.



~ said...

hey fantastic poet, Happy 2009! Thanks for all your support and friendship in '08!

May 2009 by poetryfilled and may you find your OED.

my word verification was "penda"...look that up for me. ;-)

~ said...


Penda (died November 15, 655Manuscript A of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle gives the year as 655. Bede also gives the year as 655 and specifies a date ...

Pendas is a fisherman village near Tanjung Kupang, Johor, Malaysia.


It seems I am channeling kings...

Martha Silano said...

thanks, sweetie--happy new year wishes back at cha. I told my dad on the phone today that I'm ready for '09, that it feels like a good year a-comin. His response was to remind of all our country's ills. Oh heck, he's right, but I remain optimistic. I dunno, call me a hopeful poet.

Who was this Penda fellow? A friend of Janus, perhaps?

Joannie said...

Happy New Year, Martha. A fabulous list of resolutions to resolve.

~ said...

I'm optimistic too. I mean, since the future isn't based on any one facts or hasn't been decided yet, I might as well speculate towards the positive.

lisa said...

StarSong and Pinkie Pie can fly at my house anytime.

Maya Ganesan said...

Have a lovely new year. Hope 2009 is a shower of all things good.