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Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't Hate Us Cuz It's Spring

Here in Seattle we endure dampness, wetness, drizzliness, and more shades of gray than a Winslow Homer sky, so don't hate us when we tell you that here in our left corner of the country the daffodils are budding. That the wrens are getting chatty and the robins are feisty.

Okay, so hate us, that's okay too. And while you're hating us, check out the new issue of Poemeleon. This fine issue features Sherman Alexie, David Graham, Charles Harper Webb, Barbara Crooker, and Jessy Randall. Seriously, you need to read Crooker's "Emily Dickinson Goes to Circuit City: A Triptych," like, right now. I've also got a short expose on humor and at least one poem you've never seen before (unless you subscribe to The New Orleans Review). All the ha-haing and gaffawing and elbow tickling will take your mind off the dragging-on-forever winter in your far-off town.


rams said...


from Kalamazoo,
where 8" are

Yokel (TKS) said...

let's not forget, the squirrels are busy raiding the birdfeeders!

Joannie said...

The sun comes, the sun goes. But it was almost 60 degrees earlier.

And you now have a Premio Dardos Award. Check it out at

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Joannie -- my next post will carry the torch to five others (what a tough job to narrow it down).