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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Every Mom is a Mom of the Year!

Click & Smile: Mom of the Year Award

Over here at BP we're all about impromptu changes in schedules if it has anything to do with humor, so even though I said my next post would be my first in a monthly series of Blog Tours, I just couldn't let another Mother's Day go by without a drum roll/red-carpet tribute to the moms who keep it all together while reading Grump for the 90th time, reminding about hand-washing, whipping up an impromptu dinner of curried tofu (and doing all the dishes after), and, on the way home from work, picking up a dozen floating candles for the preschool prom, dropping off the overdue DVDs at the video store, and remembering to pick up cards for the even bigger heroes: the grandmothers. 

Happy Mother's Day, all you awesome ladies out there!


rams said...

Pre-school PROM???!!!???

Joannie said...

Back atcha!

Martha Silano said...

Yes, PROM. With freaking underwater theme. Children invited, so no need to find a sitter. Get your aqua, puffy-sleeved, taffeta number on!