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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh, gosh. Where to begin? 

Kim Addonizio's Ordinary Genius: a lot of my learning these days is remembering, but I am so grateful to Addonizio for helping me to recall American sentences, a poem I started years ago that begins with a riddle question, and that "there is a lot of uncertainty in any creative act." 

But that's not to say I'm only remembering. Oh, no. I am also learning about the pain-body, the need for cracks, that Blake's "The Tyger" is basically one long unanswered question (I hadn't noticed). 

Addonizio is no ordinary genius; she is one smart cookie, and I love her straightforward style. She is a generous woman to share enough prompts to last me into old age.  If I were teaching creative writing, this is the one I'd use. No other comes close. 

Okay, what else?

Trying to read Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally, which is smart and self-critical and very well-written, but I keep having to put it down . . . 

because I am reading the new issues of Mid-American Review, Willow Springs, and 32 Poems. Go online, read what's there for the taking, subscribe, and you'll see why it's hard to stay away from these amazingly good magazines.

I am also enjoying my copy of Free Lunch, with its beautiful cupcake cover. Hats off to Ron 
Offen for keeping his little magazine chugging along for 20 years! This issue's got quite an impressive line-up (Collins, Wagoner, Duhamel, Harper Webb, Rutsala). 

You all know about Offen and Free Lunch, right? If you send this guy some poems, he will comment on them, probably reject them, but in his reply he just might deem you worthy of a free, lifetime subscription to his sweet mag. How amazing is that? My dad used to say "Maggie, nothing's free," but in point of fact he was wrong. Free Lunch is free to anyone writing half-way decent poetry. 

Dandelions and stinging nettles are free (and delicious) too, but that's another story. 

Another high point of the last few week's was meeting with a visual artist to embark on a book-making (very small press) collaboration. I am so excited. Details to follow. 

OH! Important announcement!

Starting in the next couple of weeks, I am going to begin featuring a poet each month, someone (usually) with a new book who has agreed to let me interview them and showcase their work as part of my Blog Tour Bonanza. 

That all for now, folks. The next post will celebrate the first anniversary of Blue Positive, the Blog; the one after that will feature the first Bonanza poet. Till then, fear not the swine. 


seanag said...

Wow, Martha. My head's spinning from reading this, so yours must surely be. I love all the ideas and prompts and links. I am not a poet, but Addonizio is a great teacher--The Poet's Companion which she wrote with Dorianne Laux is an inspiring piece of work for any kind of writer. And I so admire Offen for his Free Lunch idea.

v word=laywork, if you can believe it. Yep, that's me--a layworker, probably doing some dusting at the altar of poetry.

seanag said...

Oh, by the by, did everyone reading here see this,?