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Monday, September 21, 2009

Okay, okay, so gasp!

Mostly it's been little cafes. You know, the kind where they don't shut down the espresso machine during the reading, so while you're trying to belt out your best string of alliterations there's this SSSSSFFFFFFFFOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! in your face. Or . . . the ones where one other person shows up and it's: the person you're reading with! Or . . . you don't read at all, which is lately the case.

So hold onto your hats, ladies, but this (up there, at the top of the page) is where I am reading on Thursday night.

My heart is hurting. I am going to be sick! Get me a freaking pail!


rams said...

Whootie whoot whoot!

seana said...

Boy howdy!

Scary, but grand.

I'll look forward to hearing about this.

Rob said...

Never mind the 500 seats in the auditorium. What about everyone on stage with you?

Besides, I don't think they'll let you take a bucket on the plane.

Regardless, let's see some good twitter-haiku (twitter-ku?) from the the next few days, including the inevitable Emmy-like after-parties. I hear John Ashbery is the life.

Martha Silano said...

y'all are so sweet for indulging me in my shameless toot-tooting and self absorption! but rob, are you sure they prohibit on-stage buckets on planes? Alaska seems so accommodating. Maybe a portable one? Ashbery is definitely one of the ones i am looking forward to meeting (shit, i need to re-read Convex Mirror just in case I am moved to recite . . .), but how about Collins? I hate to admit it, but he is unceasingly funny both on paper and in person. And freaking Doty. I love Doty. I will tweet, indeed.

seana said...

I thought I was a snob about the overly popular Mr. Collins as well, until I actually heard him speak and found that I enjoyed both his poems and him. And even Collins has his moments of feeling like the second string--he had to follow Frank McCourt.

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, whether you feel overwhelmed or not.

Here's my v word: joidifil

It reminds me of daffodil, only, you know, full of joy.

Joannie said...


And you will read wonderfully, as always.

No matter how many people are in the audience, they came to hear poetry, and you can own that room.

Have fun!

Martha Silano said...

You are so good to me. I will do my best to own that room. joidifil --exactly!

seana said...

I came across the book the very next day in the bookstore I work in and I really, really liked it. I'd say I "love" it, but you might get the wrong idea.

Martha Silano said...

Dear Seana,

Thanks for your kind words about "Love," my blog, and general big shout out for me on your blog. You are a dear.

seana said...

Glad to do it, Martha. I've had my computer in the shop for a week and was happy to have such a worthwhile top to return to posting with.

Kimberlee said...

How totally cool. You are a rock star! :)

Peter Rozovsky said...

I would think that the most nerve-jangling aspect of a cafe reading would be a "barrista"'s banging the espresso filter against the counter, possibly out of frustration at the state of the economy. (This habit is even more annoying than that of smokers who spend five minutes banging their cigarette boxes against the inside of their wrists.)
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