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Thursday, September 10, 2009

On Not Blogging

I think I am not blogging because (1) sunshine, (2) writing and revising other stuff, (3) setting up bowling pins, (4) free desk and chair came into our lives, (5) see-saw, (6) soccer practice, (7) please, a 14" pink or purple bike.

Or, perhaps, (8) it doesn't seem worth all the effort.

Hi everyone! I am reading a lot of good poetry! Kevin Prufer's National Anthem is lovely, heartbreaking, innovative, and beautiful. The new Best American is out and I would buy it for only one poem, the one Reb Livingston picked for No Tell Motel: Craig Morgan Teicher's Ultimately Justice Directs Them. Or even for this one stanza:

We say they are
the soldiers, but they are not:

they have eyes and
and hairstyles and children
and expressions on their faces

that their mothers remember
on the faces
of the infants they were.


seana said...

That's very good, and I think it's fine to turn off the blogosphere for awhile, though it's nice to see your post.
I do really covet that bike pictured, as it is the perfect thing for my recently-turned-five friend. Finding a suitable used bike with training wheels has turned out not to be the easy thing I imagined, even in the age of Craig's List.

Martha Silano said...

Today my daughter test-road a Raleigh before I had a chance to have a look at the price tag: $135.00!! She was crying on and off the whole rest of the day b/c I couldn't pay that much for a bike with training wheels. Saaaaad.

seana said...

Martha, this was the same price resistance factor my friend had. It sucks. Kids need bikes. I'll make a wish for you and my friend right now that their kid's get those bikes somehow. Maybe a genie, but whatever it takes.