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Friday, October 2, 2009

P.S. Pony Pike

I forgot to mention!! Minutes after I returned home from my NYC trip, the Pony Bike landed (unassembled) on our front porch. I bravely opened the box and began gathering up the tools to try to put it together, but within two minutes I was completely flummoxed by the directions (why are assemblage directions always so difficult to decipher?). Luckily, Love of My Life was in the wings, ready to grab the wrench out of my hand. He had it assembled in less time than even the unlikely customer-review estimation of 30 minutes, including the backpack and the training wheels.

And so . . . the girl, at long last, has a bike.


rams said...

Excellent. A girl gotta have wheels.

seana said...

So what's her review of it so far?
The reason I ask is that my friend who's been going through similar bike travails did a similar bike through Amazon thing and it wasn't so good--training wheels didn't reach the ground and so on. Thumbs up or down?

Joannie said...

Hooray! And I hope those training wheels do reach the ground!

Martha Silano said...

Mostly thumbs up (video pending), but we need to take it to a bike shop for a little tightening here and there. She wants those training wheels off asap, except for the fact that they have Scootaloo's face on them.