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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Way, The World, The Wendell Weeds

Mom sends me an email: Got a new doctor his name is Wendell Weed. Great name to put in a poem, yes? I'm sitting at my desk at work, having just leafed through a course notebook to double check an assignment, one of my poems on the back ("Ten Days in Arkansas") because, in my care for the planet's limited resources, I always run paper through my printer twice.

I write her back. Actually, mom, I've already written a poem with Wendell Weed in it. I found his name on a gravestone in that cemetery on Mission. I've got the poem right here. Maybe you should ask Dr. Weed if he's a descendent?

I get home from work to this email from my mom: So here's how it went with Dr. Weed: Dr. Wendell Weed, your name is one that should be in a poem. He says, I've often wished that someone would put me in a poem; actually my middle name also begins with a W--WEELER. Me, WOW! so it's all those w's! I must tell my daughter in Seattle.

And she did tell me. He is Wendell Weed the 3rd, and he lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Wendell Weed on the gravestone is his father.


Kells said...

I love synchronicity. This post made my night and gave me faith that it all makes sense. To the Wendells of the world!

Martha Silano said...

And the Margaret in the poem, who goes by Maggie, is an acquaintance of my mom's. I love this kind of stuff, too. Synchronicity is all around us, but we have to take the time to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a fan of synchronicity! My mom and I are connected like this, too. Maybe one day she'll send me a poem idea!

Yale said...

and I'm his son--Jason Weed. Just happened to stumble upon this.

Nice post