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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Martha-ness Badass Society

According to, there's much to be admired about Martha:

(noun) a term used to describe a girl who's a genuine badass; a successful independent woman who doesn't take crap from no one and is well respected by everyone; everyone she meets loves her and just flat out envies how bad-ass she is; may be used in adj. form, as in

The new girl applied to the new teaching program and was such a bad-ass that she got in; the interviewers were stunned by her sense of martha-ness.

What or who exactly is this badass martha-ness, anyway? What are the basic personality traits?

* Supreme confidance

*Successful and respected

* Frequent disregard for authority

*Aristocratish, with flowing garments

Examples of badasses:

*Dirty Harry, of course, because he kills anyone who bends the rules and has no fear.

*James Dean, America's #1 Rebel Without a Cause

*Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki, a female anime character, along with some others who like to smoke while striking a pose.

Who are the badass women out there? Joan Jett? Patti Smith? Mae West? Dorothy Parker? Edna St. Vincent Millay? Emily D. was quite a badass in her day, wouldn't you agree? And how about Emma Goldman? That lady didn't care what you thought about her, no way. And what about Joan of Arc? And going back into the vault just a little further, add Sappho to the list, don't you think?

I probably can't turn in just yet my obedience keys (1. mom, 2. salary), but martha-ness is definitely sounding good to me. If we can't be badasses ourselves, we should all at least have a badass friend, don't you think, not that I'd want to be the one putting up bail. But let's face it, badasses always have the best obits, and they sure know how to pose for photos.

1 comment:

Susan Rich said...

Love this! I will think of you now as the new James Dean!~