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Monday, November 8, 2010

Frye Reading, New Issue of Crab Creek Review, Little Office Officially in the Works, Poetry NW Soiree at Blue Moon

Yes, yes, yes! A lot is going on!

Yesterday's reading at Seattle's Frye Art Museum hosted by Susan Rich and including Kelli Agodon, Oliver de la Paz, and Allen Braden was a thing of beauty (there, I said it: Beauty. No taboo intended).

The poems read and ideas discussed helped to solidify further in my brain the need for the poet, when writing about art, to step away from providing description, and instead use the art object as an anchor while writing about one's own life experience. And the poems read were gorgeous and thought-providing, and, well, things of beauty (if you don't mind my tabooing it).

And the cookies afterward were delicious!!! Chewy and warm from the oven (not your standard Mother's brand from the cheap aisle in Safeway--these actually tasted homemade).

The New issue of Crab Creek Review is out, and oh my, yes, it is definitely a thing of beauty (I know, I know: taboo! We can't say beauty in the 21st C., yet here I am saying it. Bad poet! Bad blogger!). A few tidbits to get your appetite for more crab whetted:

From "I Love You Miss Honduras" by Joe Haferbecker:

And there are some things
that you love.
Don't you just love those?
I love eggnog,
but not like I love movies
about people who are broken and vital.
Those are good.

And from Erin Malone's "Alone at the Edge of the Painting":

Your hair must still be blonde.
I'm older than our mother
and I lug our mother's fear
on my hip, with my arms.

Show yourself. I'm tired.
The grass is an address: yes
I'd almost like to stay
and lie down--

My personal prophecy: You will not be able to put this issue down until you've read every poem at least once.

My forthcoming book, The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception, is officially "in the works."

Poetry Northwest is having a release party tomorrow night, 11/9, at the historic Blue Moon Tavern. Come make a bit of your own history on Tuesday night, and hear some great poets read from the new issue as well (Rebecca Hoogs, Ed Skoog, and other local favorites).

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