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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Come All Ye Gorgeous Online Poetry Websites

Last week was one of those weeks o wonder, when the good news of publication just keeps coming. It was sugar-plums, candy-canes, and goody-gum drops from M to F, the fruits of over twelve years of writing and editing toil in the soil having come to a blushed ripening.

I'd rather not be the one to shout the clarion call, but I must sound my horn to Snakeskin editor George Simmer (with special mention to David Graham, guest editor for the Portraits & Self-Portraits issue), Escape into Life editor Kathleen Kirk, and Cati Porter, Tom Hunley (and Judy, Maureen, and Ren) for putting my poems on CBS for the Poemeleon Prime-Time Issue. Thanks so much to all of you for working hard to put so many great poems into your fine magazines. Without your toil, the poetry world would not shine half as brightly.


Kathleen said...

And thank you for all those years of hard work + your life!

Martha Silano said...

Aww shucks, Kathleen--you're so very welcome.