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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's All Gravy

It's December 24 on the east coast right now, which means my poem "It's All Gravy" is featured today on Poetry Daily.

I began "It's All Gravy" a little over two years ago while on a writing retreat on an undisclosed island in the Pacific Northwest. It was cold and foggy most of my stay, and there were inky cap mushrooms sprouting near my doorstep.

I was in residence to study the cosmos and write poems about it; I was also channeling Pablo Neruda.
I was also reading Simon Singh's The Big Bang and perusing the NASA website.
I wrote the title of the poem I would write at the top of a piece of paper (I knew the title before I'd written a word), and then I started the first draft.

When I went to look for that first draft, though, I came up empty-handed. I know I did some amount of revising over the next few months, but much less than is customary for me; this poem was a relative gift, which is why it seems fitting that it's making its web debut on Christmas Eve.

Seasons greetings to one and all. I hope your gravy boats are full to the brim this holiday season.


AquaMarina said...

just met you through poetry daily and Gravy, Martha. Wonderful poem - thank you!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Lovely poem. Congrats on the appearance!

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Sandy. Happy holidays to you.

Jeannine said...

Congrats on Poetry Daily, and Merry Christmas Eve!

Martha Silano said...

Glad to meet you, AquaMarina; thanks for your kind words.

Thanks, Jeannine!