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Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Courses Dazzles & Shines

It was an evening for the books.

Jennifer Borgess Foster, matronmind of this awe-inspiring event, toiled endless hours coordinating with Tom Douglas and his crew and 5 Five Pie to create a menu that included crisp apple with bacon bites, arugula salad, triticale with asparagus tarts, and three kinds of pie. Meanwhile, Oyster Bill was busy donating dozens of fresh, raw bivalves for the first course. There were also many volunteers buzzing around the hive of volunteer-coordinator Sara Brickman, many of whom woke at dawn Thursday morning to help prepare for the big event. Dave Mecklenburg shucked oysters, along with Bill and Lang, while a whole host of hosts and hostesses, and one fantastic bartender, scurried around to help with the serving and pouring.

I knew this event would be fun and delicious, but I had no idea just how dazzling a Richard Hugo House "do" could be. The cabaret space had been transformed into an upscale dining situation. We could have been at Spinasse! And the food was as good as, well, what you'd dive into at the Dahlia Lounge.


As if this was not enough, the delightful Jennifer Borges Foster emceed the event to perfection, her giant rhinestone hoops jangling as she encouraged us to go get our second "flight" of wine and raise our glasses yet again.

And then the reading amongst and amidst!

Lang Cook read a piece about oysters. It was delightful.
I read about apples, pork products, cabbage, and gravy.
Kevin Craft read of breaking bread and of salad days. Pure genius.
And Kate Lebo, in transplendent chiffon purple polkadots, rounded out the eve with tales of pie from pumpkin to rhubarb custard.

All of it dedicated to the life of Kim Ricketts, book sojourner extraordinaire and foodie-maven who left this world way too soon.

Thanks so much to all who contributed to making this an unforgettable event.

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