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Friday, May 20, 2011

Yarn Bombing, Rocky Balboa Statue, and the City of Brotherly Love

The countdown has started for my Philly trip! I roll into town right as rush-hour hits full swing on Wednesday, May 25. I read twice on Thursday the 26th: Noon at Drexel U, and 6 pm in downtown Philly. I make it to the NYC area about once every 6,752 years (I'm kind of like Haley's Comet), so this would be a great time to hear me read if your home is in PA, NJ, or NY.

I'm looking forward to taking photos of this lovely yarn-bombed statue of Rocky Balboa. Gonna fly now! I'll never forget being fifteen and watching Rocky suck down all those raw eggs. I was at the Forum Theatre in Metuchen. Where did you first hear the famous cries of Adrienne?!!! Adrienne?!!!

The Rocky Theme song was our Metuchen High School track team's Get Psyched! song. We listened to it incessantly on the school bus that chugged us along to our away track meets. I was never a very fast sprinter, but I still get pumped up when I hear this song.

And don't worry, yarn bombers: I will definitely be spending more time inside the museum cozying up with the art then hanging out with good ol' Rocky Balboa.

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