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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kelli Russell Agodon's 2010 Release Wins ForeWord Prize

Kelli Russell Agodon's highly acclaimed book, Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press 2010), just won the Gold in the 2011 ForeWord Prize. Congratulations, Kelli!

Here's me below, raising a well-deserved glass to one of my favorite poets. When I heard the news, the first image that popped into my head was a smiling-from-the-grave Emily Dickinson. The second was imagining the look on the face of that poor, misguided teacher who once told Kelli her poems weren't *actually* poems. More evidence to the contrary: I'll drink to that!


Kells said...

Thank you! And yes, I so remember that comment about a poem not actually being a poem "but notes to poems." argh! ;-)

Thanks for cheers! xo

Martha Silano said...

Oh that's right: notes for a poem you hadn't written yet. Now that's what I call constructive criticism--just cut to the chase and be frank about it. And wrong.

Kells said...

Marty-- you were right though, she didn't think my poems were poems... just notes! Oh the knife in my heart... ;-)