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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mama Camp

Monday was Pie Camp. Apple Pie Camp. After rolling out, baking, and eating an entire Braeburn and Granny Smith pie with vanilla ice cream, we went to the soaking wet playground and zipped along on the zip line swing until we were sweaty and ... soaking wet and cold. We were still wired, but we had to come inside. Dance party in the kitchen followed by mellow reading night.

Tuesday was Future of Flight Museum in Everett, WA Camp. We went inside the biggest building in the world, which the docent said could hold 800 hockey stadiums and ... and what was the other comparison? (Sorry, but we weren't allowed to carry pen and paper).

We also got to listen to a very loud power tool, which this dude was using to put together a section of the front of a 747. We also decided Dream Lifter and Dream Liner were too similar of names -- how would you ever tell them apart? Riley said they should just make it simple and call them both Dream Livers. Did you know they make over 340 737s a year at the Boeing plant in Renton? Did you know that exterior airplane paint can add over 800 pounds to the overall weight of a plane? Did you know that a jet engine is around 16 feet high? Did you know there's a place in the hangar called the Dreaming Production Integration Center?

Wednesday is Science Camp Day at the Pacific Science Center. I think we will see an IMAX movie and eat lots of greasy popcorn with too much fake butter on it.

We can spend $60 each day at Mama Camp... and it will still cost less than a week of Wilderness Awareness Camp, though we don't want to knock the pluses of a kids-in-camp week, when we are able to write poetry and prep for our fall classes. But then again, Mama camp is pretty dang sweet.


Jan Priddy, Oregon said...

Perfect pie apple combination—Braeburn and Granny Smith! If you'd made two pies (and bought more ice cream), we could have shared.

Martha Silano said...

Hi Jan, I am looking forward to fresh apples from local trees. Nothing beats that!

Wendy Wisner said...

Love it! My son is just finishing Kid Camp (and I am writing poetry --yay!). But I'm looking forward to August, where it will be a whole month of Mama Camp over here.

The Cat Guy said...

My wife and I just did the Boeing tour a few weeks back, either we had the same tour guide or they all say the same stuff, cuz all the things you mentioned I remember our guide saying!

seana said...

Not so relevant to the post,but I got your book a day or so ago. The "presentation" is lovely and I liked the first two poems so much that I decide that it would be a shame to hurry through.

Thanks, and congratulations on the whole project.

Martha Silano said...

Wendy: Good luck with a month of kid camp. Remember to bring your notebook to the playground ... just in case.

Cat Guy: I think those Boeing tour guides have it all memorized down to the word. It's very reassuring.

Seana: thanks!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the poems!

Poetic Soul said...

Ended up here and now I am craving pie

Martha Silano said...

Poetic Soul: Glad you found me. Now go ahead and indulge your pie craving! Seriously, if you have a Cuisinart you can whip up a crust in about 3 minutes. Roll out, add some slightly cooked fruit, and you are good to go after a 45-min baking. Have fun!