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Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing Workshop on Main Street


We are always booked up, but we are especially busy in the summer. Not the usual kind of busy, but the busy that has to do with sunshine and ferries, berries and backpacks. But somehow or other Kelli Russell Agodon and I found a way to meet for breakfast and writing this gorgeously sunny summer day. It was a bit of a feat, but we found a table for two in the sun, and for 2-3 hours we ate oatmeal (Kelli) and eggs with fried potatoes (moi) and scribbled in our notebook or tapped away on our iPad. When the final timer chimed we were up three poems: a sonnet, a pantoum, and an anagrammer-generated poem. Three more than we had at 10 am.

I sailed off into very light traffic heading south on I-5, my notebook thick with possibility. Thanks, Kelli, for another great writing session--it is people like you who keep me believing the business of words is the best business out there.


Kells said...

As I type this, I'm currently wearing my new hat! Thank you, I love it!

Great day! I'll be working on my Constellation poem today.

And the sonnet. Gotta love the sonnet!


Martha Silano said...

Your hat makes for a beautiful trophy. I love that style on you. I hope lots of stars fall into your little orange satchel today. xo m

January said...

Very inspiring, ladies!