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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hairshirt Redux

If you're not sure which hairshirt I'm referring to, click here. That was last year, but this is this year, and this year I am, along with foregoing alcohol during hairshirt season, giving up all sugar, processed foods, and foods derived from animals.

Let the fun begin.

This morning I had oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, plus a smidgen of maple syrup. Not a bad way to start out the day, but I mourned the lack of half-and-half I usually douse my oatmeal with, along with the cream in my decaf coffee (since I can't drink the stuff black, I guess I'm also off the bean juice for the duration).

After finishing up breakfast I cooked up a giant pot of minestrone soup a la vegan. The hard parts about vegan minestrone are as follows: no grated parmesan cheese on top, no baguette on the side. Otherwise, not much different than usual.

I predict I will be eating nuts like a little fat-cheeked squirrel all this month. And lots of satsumas. Good thing I like both.

However, I have been craving Genoa salami all afternoon, and I wish I could have some of my homemade pizza tonight. I refuse to use soy cheese, and I do not think I am allowed to have any wheat. Spelt flour? It may well be worth a try at some desperate point during this month of austerity, but I am assuming it will not allow me to roll out a thin, crispy crust. Any confirmation on that?

I was about to head out for a jog, but--dang!--I hear the pitter-patter of raindrops. So sad!

It looks like I will have to sit here a while longer, attending to various and sundry writing and class prep tasks. Woe is me.

Happy new year, everyone! May you keep your resolutions for all time, or at least till mid-Feb.


Curtis said...

Good luck on your dietary adventure. Would love to inspire you to create a poem or ten next time you visit NWAR. I see a piece talking about you in the Free Weekly and you sound fascinating. I am NOT hitting on you and would like to perhaps meet and create art. I am a highly modified human and nearly unique in my situation. My life story is a movie seeking a writer but snippets might inspire poetry.

Martha Silano said...

Hi Curtis -- Thanks for your endorsement. I don't get to NWAR very often, but perhaps our paths will cross at one of the local venues.