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Sunday, February 26, 2012

AWP Yawp and Frolic!

I've been a tad remiss with posting this month, mainly because I wrote or revised at least one poem a day from Feb 1-Feb 17 ... and then I went on serious hiatus from all things poetry for a week-long snowboarding vacation par excellence. As I type I am icing a sore knee, visions of fresh powder dancing in my head. I have never had such a good time in my board-head life-- 6 hours a day for four days of non-stop floating and flying. I could almost trade my current life for snowboard-bum one-- working as a ski lift operator four days a week, sailing down a mountain the other three. I woke up this morning with my head full of heal-toe action, shreadding down Tomahawk for the umpteenth time.

with brother-in-law Freddy 

But not too far in the back of my brain lies the scepter of ...AWP! I am getting very excited for all the good readings and panels I am about to witness. Can't wait!!!!! If you want to see/hear me, I have two events:

A reading with Saturnalia Books authors on Thursday night from 6-8 pm at Villian's Bar & Grill, 649 S. Clarke Ave. (just a short-walk from the action). Campbell McGrath, Sarah Vap, Catherine Pierce, Tanya Larkin, Michael Robins, Debra Kuan, and Margaret Rhonda will also read.

4:30-5:45 PM Saturday
S230. A Tribute to Carolyn Kizer
(David Rigsbee, Kevin Craft, Emily Warn, Martha Silano)
Waldorf, Hilton Chicago, 3rd Floor
This panel will discuss Carolyn Kizer’s work and significance to American poetry. Kizer has combined private lyricism with a Confucian sense of public responsibility. At a time when it was unfashionable to proclaim oneself feminist or political, Kizer proudly proclaimed herself both. Founding editor of Poetry Northwest and first Literary Director for the National Endowment for the Arts, legendary teacher Kizer has produced a moving body of work that dazzles with clarity and passion.

If I don't see you at either of these events, I hope to run into you at the book fair, in one of the hotel lobbies/bars, or in the elevator. Save travels to Chicago!

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