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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AWP 2012, Part 2: A Tribute to Carolyn Kizer

The last panel slot on the last day of the conference: no wonder my scarf is hanging crooked! No wonder David R had lost his voice! Despite these minor shortcomings, I felt wholeheartedly that each of us gave our best to share our great regard and admiration for a poet who has meant so very much to us.

Claudia Emerson, Moderator David Rigsbee, Panelist Emily Warn

Claudia Emerson, Carolyn Wright, and Panelists Martha Silano and  Emily Warn

Center: Kevin Craft, Editor-in-Chief, Poetry Northwest

1 comment:

Bill Knott said...

there's a poem "to" CK in my book of "Homages":