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Monday, March 26, 2012

Go on over to Book of Kells and Rock Out to the Rejection Blues

Oh yeah, things can only get better, is right. If you are feeling like me, and it's been one rejection too many, you might appreciate this post over at Kelli Russell Agodon's Book of Kells.

On the other hand, if everything's coming up kale starts, that's simply peachy, and you should go around wearing a rhinestone tiara for the next several months.

I will not likely be wearing a tiara anytime soon, thank you. This is because I've got those big, fat, fecking rejection blues.

One editor told me my poems did not have the same sparkle. Sparkle! My poems lacked sparkle. How cruddy is that?

But mostly it's been worse-- it's just been no thanks, not even close.

I am a toughie under most circumstances, but right now I am feeling particularly unlucky because I know I need to make the poems better, but when?

But in the mean time I'm rocking out to "Things Can Only Get Better," one of my fav tunes of 1985. Thanks for taking the sting out, Kelli.


Kells said...

You're welcome! And to me, your poems ALWAYS sparkle, and in fact, glitter, glow and shine.

I've always felt any editor who hasn't published you is missing out big time!

Martha Silano said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Kelli. I didn't write this post to get a compliment, but I will take it nonetheless.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hang in there, Martha! You are awesome at the sparkle and will find a way through!

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Sandy.

Kathleen said...

Rejection is in the air. Ah, but kale is in the saute pan! Lightly sauteed in olive oil, partly steamed in lemon juice. Just a little pepper!

Martha Silano said...

I'm eating humble braised greens till my caviar comes in.

Jeannine said...

You will always sparkle to me!
It's so easy to let the "no" outweigh the "yes" in the universe. It's how we're programmed, but somehow, we've got to keep reaching for that tiara!

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, J9. I think we should make t-shirts emblazoned with sparkly tiaras, along with the words

Keep Reaching for that Tiara!

Joannie said...

Not sparkle? I think your poems sparkle and then some--I'd say launch, or flare and flame like Roman candles.

Here with rejections in hand (or in email) and trying to remember the acceptances--and trying to remember how to write a poem!

Best wishes.

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Joannie. I hope you find your mojo
soon. I am working to find mine!