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Monday, June 3, 2013

Ten Reasons You Should Write Most Days: a Funnel Cloud of Fruition

Long hand draft: May 22
10 Reasons Why You Should Write Most Days

10. It keeps you honest.
9. It feels good.
8. It gives your life a sense of purpose.
7. Instead of making lists of what you want to write, you can skip that step and go straight to writing.
6. It feels wholesome.
5. Because that which is in you which is not brought outward will destroy you.
4. Because it's better than bitching about not having time to write.
3. Because when you are writing you are not wishing you were writing.
2. You were given to write. Write!
1. Because it's important to be caught up in a funnel cloud of fruition.


seana graham said...

Loved this, Martha.

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Seana!

Kimberley said...

"...caught up in a funnel cloud of fruition." - just the right words to get me going this morning.

Martha Silano said...

Hi Kimberley,
Glad to know my way of sayin' it helped!