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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Poem a Day in September: Care to Join Me?

I guess I should have asked a little earlier in the month, or the night of August 30, but things have been hectic over here at BP, especially in the area of living it up good and hard before the return to the 6:15 am alarm, lunch packing, homework nagging, etc. Also, there were quite a few pears to render into old fashioned pear tart, as well as quite a few blackberries and cherry tomatoes to pick, wash, eat, freeze, roast, etc.

In all truth, I did not realize that it was September 1 or that I had written poems three days in a row till woke up yesterday morning going HEY, I could do that a poem a day thing again! I have to get cracking on today's masterpiece, but here's a rough draft I started on Monday and spent an hour reworking this morning. It will go away in a couple of days.

P.S. Kelli Russell Agodon is joining me on the poem-a-day front. You can check out her occasionally posted drafts at Book of Kells.

*100% Guaranteed Rough Draft*

When the Stand-Off Ceased,
*POOF!* [Look for a revised issue of this poem in some unknowable future magazine or book].

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