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Friday, November 1, 2013

Crab Creek Review: Call me Poetry Editor

I am the new poetry editor at Crab Creek Review! In case you didn't know, CCR is a Seattle-based print journal committed to publishing the best poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Contributors include Denise Duhamel, Aimee Nezhukamatathil, Peggy Shumaker, Patricia Fargnoli, Jim Daniels, Molly Tenenbaum, and Ilya Kaminsky.

Submissions are open from now through December 15, 2013, for possible inclusion in the Spring 2014 issue.

What type of poetry are we looking for? Read this post about the kinds of poems I/we tend to get excited about.

I look forward to reading your poems!


Jan Priddy, Oregon said...


Look what happens when I fail to check my favorite blogs for a couple of days!

Martha Silano said...

I hope you will send me some poems to consider!