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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Official Black Friday Daily Poet Giveaway!

I am not the biggest fan of a day devoted to buying up stuff like a fiend, but my reasoning is all summed up in one of my very favorite cliches: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Oh, not only join 'em, but instead of slashing prices 40% or 50%, give something away for free!

Which is why I am giving away TWO FREE COPIES of The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice, recently released by Two Sylvias Press and co-edited by me and Kelli Russell Agodon.

In order to be in the running for one of the two free copies, leave a comment to this here blog post - say hello and tell me you're "in," at the very least, but also feel free to share your favorite poetry book(s) of 2013, or your writing resolutions for 2014, or something on your wish list (experiences and actions preferred, but if you have a friend on who makes amazing jewelry, share away!).

Anyway, at the end of the week (on the "actual" Black Friday), I will number the comments one to whatever, then toss the numbers in a hat and have my daughter draw two of them. I will then contact the winners, get addresses, and send them their books completely postage free.

It's easy! You can't lose! It's fun! No fine print & no messy clean-up!


Kathleen said...

What a great idea! I'm "in." As one who avoids malls on Black Friday (and has written a poem called "Black Friday"), I am all for giving books away instead!

Bill Knott said...

i'll send you a free book in return

seana graham said...

I love prompts. I'm in. Not going anywhere near a mall on Friday or the whole weekend either.

Maureen said...

It's on my list of 'to buy' books but I'll take a chance here. Very generous and so much better than going near a mall.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

I already have a copy, but I'm still throwing my hat in the ring! If I win, I will give it to a friend/fellow writer. :)

Writing goals in 2014? I'm hoping to actually send some poems out into the world in 2014. That is my goal. LOL. I haven't submitted anything in over five years. Ugh.

Michael said...

Bless your heart, Martha! Even if I'm not out of this hat, I'm happy to post you a copy of my recently published book. My writing goals for 2014 include presenting several poetry workshops, and I'm very much considering The Daily Poet as a text for one...

Michael Wells said...

I'm in. My goal in 2014 is to target 5 new journals that I really want work in. Also to finish my manuscript.

Christine Adler said...

Hooray! A Black Friday deal I'm actually interested in! The one time I wrote a poem from a prompt, it was selected for an anthology, so I know they work. This would be a great gift to myself to elicit some more good writing in 2014. Thanks!

Gaƫtane Burkolter said...

Hi, I'm living in Rome. I was told about this giveaway by a friend who has gently introduced me to poetry. I have loads of fiction writing books, but late this year I dared to entertain even the barest notion that I might write poetry, too... The daily prompt would be so useful :-) It's a lovely idea for a giveaway, thank you.

Martha Landman said...

Thanks Martha. I'm hopping in from Australia. My first goal for 2014 is publishing a manuscript and then keep on being delighted by other poets' work and writing more and more . . .

Susan Gilbert said...

What a lovely Black Friday deal!

I'm in....

For 2014 - Hoping to revise my "3 ring circus exercise"....

Tom Rowlands said...

I'm in.

As an avid poetry enthusiast keen on furthering his poetic skills this sounds great!

In 2014 I intend on continuing to write as much and as diverse poetry as possible to expand my repertoire.

Currently my favourite poets are Frank O'Hara and Charles Bukowksi.

Thanks a bunch for this offer!

Tom Rowlands.

Joannie said...

Love this idea. Like Maureen said, it's on my list, but I'll take a chance here.

Juli said...

Black Friday, Black Friday-
You irk me so.
It is hard to believe
That this is the only day you roll in the dough!
What happened to Green Tuesday?
or the purple weekends -
I won't shop on this day
until you make proper amends!
And treat me nice
all year round -
Only then will your business blessings truly abound!

Martha Silano said...

And the winners are:

Kathleen Kirk and Christine Adler!

Please send me your addresses, and I will send along your books toute suite!