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Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Them Golden Crickets

Okay, so I've had
 about enough of the chirping. I mean. I used to think it was kind of cute (see previous cricket post), but now their incessant stridulating (!) is getting on my nerves. I am starting to think about serving them up! 

This week, thanks to my pals from the Ruby Group and the incomparable Kelli Russell Agodon, I've had a great week of poetry writing. Exercises galore! My notebook runneth over, etc. I don't know if I've written anything worth keeping, but it sure was a lot of fun, and surely there are a few good images, a few arresting phrases, among it all. The best fun was getting to hang out in Kelli's new Poetry Barn, which is definitely endowed with all kinds of great poetic juju.

I'm excited about the release of Erin Malone's chapbook, What Sound Does It Make, 2008 winner of the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Award. Erin reads at Open Books: A Poem Emporium on September 25 at 7:30 pm.  Erin's work is well-crafted, visceral, spellbinding. This reading is not to be missed.

Hope everyone else isn't coming down w the cold I managed to pick up this week. Stay warm and dry, you Texas folk.


Kelli said...

somebody learned how to post photo, I see. ;-)

It was a treat to have you in my barn! That was a lot of fun! and the poems! yes!

Kelli said...

and make that *photos* (s!)

Maggie May said...

beautiful room there, and fried crickets freak me out

Martha Silano said...

I couldn't stop w just one photo. I meant to post the one w the crickets like a string of fish, but there ya go. I hope we can do a reading together one of these days--we don't have to tell the audience, but we could read, along w others, some poems we started together in various b&bs, beach-side studies, and barns. Maybe in early 2009? That would be so fun.

Yeah, Maggie, I'm not quite ready for fried crickets either, but I was punchy at 1 am.

Kelli said...

yes, let's do a reading to finish those poems!