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Monday, September 15, 2008

May Summer Never End

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? Even better, a completely cloudless day at the beach in mid-September, where there also happen to be huge, globular clusters of blackberries right nearby, which my son quickly decides are called minickles. Minickles are the kind of blackberry so ripe you can't put 'em in your bucket--you have to immediately pop them into your mouth. Otherwise, they fall apart. We were all finding so many minickles we were starting to get tummy aches, so then it was time to hit the beach for a little sand throwing, ball throwing, and the making of wet sand balls (the latter my son's favorite beach activity). Then, when that got old, we took a walk and admired all the American flags blowing in the wind. I am not a Republican (had you figured that out?), and I am NOT in favor of either of our current wars, but I belted out a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner I was right proud of (while my kids did their best to ignore me). 

What wasn't minickles came home in three kids beach buckets, awaiting to be made into none other than blackberry crisp. 

by Galway Kinnell


Joannie said...


Maggie May said...

what a perfect day

Radish King said...

I stood outside in my barefeet on Sunday picking and eating minickles. said...

Mmmm. Blackberries.

Oh, you can like the flag even if you're not a Republican. I think Democrats should reclaim the flag. =-)

Martha Silano said...

Hey Deborah:
Yes, I am all for reclaiming the flag. Ta-DAH! Captured! I even got choked up on the home of the brave part, b/c we are brave . . . but that doesn't mean we start wars that never should have been started.

Glad you enjoyed some minickles, Rebecca.

Maggie: it WAS very perfect.

Joannie: I still need to make the crisp, though--very busy week.

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