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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cliff Mass, WA's weather guy extraordinaire, posted this morning about a huge series of waves coming toward the WA coast. Since then the wave action has begun, with swells over 30 feet.

30 feet waves. JEE-sus. That's like a 2-story-house wave. That's a wall of water. A wave like that could take you out to sea.

Meanwhile, here in Seattle we've had, since last night, graupel/hail, thunder/lightning, high winds, and rain like you read about, plus scattered power outages (thankfully, not yet in my hood).

I have to say I get this adrenalin rush about weather. People think when you talk about weather you're soooooo boring, but to me it's just the coolest.

Okay, and also especially cool when you're supposed to be grading papers.

1 comment:

Joannie said...

Long ago I thought that talking about the weather was sooo superficial. Then I realized that the weather is HUGE. It determines how the crops will come in and how dry the basement will stay (or won't). But I'd like a good distance between me and those waves.