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Sunday, October 9, 2011

File Under These Should be Illegal, or at Least a Controlled Substance

These should not be legal. I repeat: anything this delicious, accessible, gooey and gloppy with fat and sugar, easy to swallow, and patently bad for you should not be available without a license, a prescription, or at least a note from your mother.

How could something so bad, bad, bad for you taste so good, good, good?

Because humans are programmed to LOVE, crave, and seek copious amounts of fat and sugar. Mrs. Paleo would have eaten these until she keeled over in glutted, glorious sugar-buzz bliss.

Who can blame her?

But Mrs. Paleo wouldn't have stumbled upon a Krispy Kreme tree or bush. She was too busy picking berries and hunting down mastodons. There were no Krispy Kreme stores in Paleo-Land.

Only we the lucky of the 21st century, only we get stuck having to resist Krispy Kremes day in and day out.

No fair.


Joannie said...

And when I'm eating a Krispy Kreme, I feel like I'm eating mostly air. (What? Air has fat and calories?)

That's why my substance (donut substance) of choice is Top Pot. At least I feel my indulgence.

Martha Silano said...

I don't get the same "I want to eat a thousand of these" when I indulge my donut-love at Top Pot. Come to thin of it, I bet Krispy Kremes are 50% air and 50% sugar and fat--I read on the sign they are "only" 190 calories each, only a little bit more than 2 small Almond Joys (which I have been addicted to of late--never too early to raid the Halloween Candy).