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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cincinnati Review: The Seattle Contributor Reading, with Special Guest Don Bogen (editor-in-chief)

Left to Right: Jeannine Hall Gailey, Don Bogen, Martha Silano, Carolyn Wright, Priscilla Long, Kelly Davio, Rebecca Hoogs, Megan Snyder-Camp

When I left my house at 6:05 pm the sun was hot, hot, hot on my very inviting front porch. Also, the chaise lounge was beckoning me to lie upon it, browsing The New York Times Book Review, which had been sitting on my kitchen table for the last three days. 

My main concern, as I stepped into my sparkly mules and donned my sparkly, sleeveless let's-get-psyched-to-go-out blouse, was the number of days that Seattle is actually pleasantly warm (twenty? fifteen?). 

My secondary concern was that approximately three people would be sitting in the audience at 7:05 pm: namely, the husbands/wives of Jeannine, Carolyne, and Don. 

How wrong I was. On a gorgeous Wednesday night in August, Seattle's literati had come out to hear poetry. Besides being a great audience, they purchased quite a few CR subscriptions, along with many of the contributors collections.

Thanks to everyone in attendance for a wonderful night in celebration of the fabulous little magazine from Cincinnati!

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