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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Will the Real Strong Female Leads Please Take a Bow?!

Kelly Froh with her awesome Seattle coming-of-age tale, circa 1994.

Oh my GOD, Katie Kate ROCKED!!!

"I'm gonna Sadie Hawkins you." Oh, YEAH.

Arlene Kim, one of Seattle's Strongest of the Strong. Brilliant.

Patricia Smith: said hello to her before she read.  I was so awed by her presence I forgot to ask her to sign my copy of
Blood Dazzler. She was very generous, letting me fawn over her but also being *real.*  She exudes Goddess. 

This was the best Hugo House event I've ever attended, and that's saying A LOT. I would have paid $50 to see this gig. $20 for a member was a bargain. I was thrilled to see the House PACKED. To the woman handling the tickets:  I know I looked like a frumpy and haggard soccer mom, but you didn't need to warn me about the "very loud" rap music. 

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