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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Books & Mags & Swag of AWP13

I am too dazed and worn out to do more than take pictures of my loot this morning. If you have ever been at an AWP conference, I am sure you know the feeling. I promise to post some of the nine typed (single spaced) pages of notes I took during three days of incredible readings and panels about everything from teaching Larry Levis to the fact that Charles Simic and James Tate made up a literary magazine titled Gottesman's Curse, a magazine that never existed but had a courier named Elsa and involved lengthy correspondences between the two men. As Simic said, "the issues just kept getting more exciting!"

But right now I need to focus on unpacking my suitcase, doing laundry, and generally allowing my overdriven brain to take a wee nap. Well, not that that's truly possible when you have two kids and 50 students, but relative to six panels/readings a day, I feel like I'm lying by a Palm Springs pool sipping an icy Arnold Palmer.

Books Purchased at AWP 2013

My beloved Swag. My fav: Court Green's black condoms

Conduit has an interview with Buzz Aldrin in its Moon issue!

The never sideways Forklift, the little magazine that could and did

Speaking of condoms: The Sex Dossier


seana graham said...

I have been to one AWP and know just what you mean. And I would like to hear more about that Simic/Tate 'project'. But for now, rest up!

Martha Silano said...

I will definitely be blogging about the Simic presentation at the Tate tribute. He was amazingly generous with sharing stories about one of his closest friends.