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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8 of Poem a Day in May

Another day, another draft.

Seriously, I did not know how hard this would be.

What I am learning about about myself is that once I write a draft I like to work on it LOTS, make it better, tinker ... 

but then it's time to start another poem, ach!

So today I worked on the poem below, started two days ago, but didn't have time to revise the poem from yesterday (which bugged me, kinda), and then I had to start something new, but I was really, really wiped out from getting up early to jog and grading a dozen papers most of the day, so the draft isn't very good and barely legible at that, but at least I started the research and jotted a few notes.

And this is only 8 days into May. I still have ...23 more days? I know it's a problem of the happiest kind, but I am not sure how people do this. 

But there are many bright sides, including: 

1. I am taking more risks with figurative language and line breaks;
2. I am maybe going to have a book of poems way quicker than I ever expected;
3. I do not have to waste my time thinking about where to submit my work - I am too busy writing;
4. I will, at some point, have a lot of poems to submit!

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