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Monday, May 6, 2013

Poem-A-Day in May ...

I didn't have time (I know - a very lame excuse) to do a poem a day in April, but a poem a day in May is working out much better, maybe because it rhymes. Here it is May 6, and I am going strong, with another poem in my future, and the thought of 31 new poems to continue revising for the rest of the year when I wake up on June 1.

Here's a sample of what I have been up to - very rough, and it will be removed in the next few days. If you did not get a chance to do a poem a day in April, consider a poem a day in June or July!

Dostoyevsky’s Aesthetician



Matt D said...

... course in coarseness
like Raskolnikov’s guilt
hairs that could kill ...

For some reason those three lines really stood out at me. I love the way a simple family incident recalls Raskonikov ... I like the way it suggests literature is always in the background helping us interpret life.

It's an excellent poem!

Martha Silano said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and enthusiasm for my newest poem. It's encouraging to already be getting positive feedback. Will keep tinkering but nice to know I'm on the right track!

Joannie said...

Wow. In one day! I love the way this moves--all the places you take it.

Martha Silano said...

Thanks, Joannie. I drafted this on Saturday morning during my son's soccer game. Typed it up yesterday. It works that way sometimes.