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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"21 Love Poems to Adrienne Rich" at the VIDA Website

I have been eagerly reading the tributes and obituaries since the passing of Adrienne Rich on March 27, 2012. I never met Adrienne Rich in person, but I, like so many contemporary American poets, owe a great debt to her vision and her works.

Here's just a taste of what is out there on the web to help us all appreciate a pioneering feminist and exquisitely exacting craftswoman:

Adrienne Rich, Influential Feminist Poet, Dies at 82 (The New York Times)

Memories and Thoughts on Adrienne Rich (Cathy Park Hong)

Adrienne Rich, feminist poet who wrote of politics and lesbian identity, dies at 82 (Washington Post)

In Tribute to Adrienne Rich (Honor Moore)

Adrienne Rich's News in Verse (Katha Pollitt)

And starting today, the VIDA Women in Literary Arts website is  publishing, a day at a time, a tribute essay written by a female American poet. Appropriately titled "21 Love Poems to Adrienne Rich," the feature will run through April 30.  Today's essay is by Adrienne Su and is titled "What's in a Name." I can hardly wait to read all of them!


seana graham said...

Thanks for this, Martha. Although I can't claim to have known her well, I did know her, as she lived in the Santa Cruz area and had a great fondness for the bookstore I work in, as well as a real connection with some of the long term employees. I too will look forward to reading those essays.

Martha Silano said...

Hi Seana,

Never met her either. My essay appears on the VIDA website April 22.

seana graham said...

I'll look for it.